Charity FIFA 20 Tournament

When and Where



Footy Addicts stars to play a FIFA 20 charity online-event for raising money for coronavirus charities. EA said it hopes FIFA will be “encouraging people to connect through gaming with friends and family during the difficult time.”

At Footy Addicts, we will fight together against coronavirus, staying at home and raise some money to support a good cause. We plan to have 64 teams and play a knock-out FA cup format.

£10 entry:

1st place £100
2nd place £40
and amazing £500 to charity


• knockout stages 64 players
• FA Cup
• You must own or have access to FIFA 20 on the PS4
• Half Length: 6 minutes
Teams randomly selected
64 teams (20 Premier League, 24 Championship, 10 League 1, 10 League 2)


If the game ends in a draw. Rematch until there is a winner!


Send private message for info. Once registered, will be entered into WhatsApp group to arrange fixtures.