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Footy Addicts Training Session

When and Where


Footy Addicts Training

Footy Addicts Training sessions will be designed to dust off the cobwebs, get active and refine your touch. The sessions will be carried out in open, public spaces and all levels of fitness are welcome!

Player safety is crucial at this moment in time so the following rules will be in place:


  • Max 5 players + 1 session leader (6 people)

  • Green open spaces

  • Social distancing

  • Encouraging people to only walk/cycle to sessions

  • Hand sanitiser applied throughout session

Session Details

  • Meeting point is at Paradise Park

  • Meet at 9:45 am

  • 1 hour session (min)

  • Grass surface

  • Comfortable clothing, footwear for training and football

  • Any questions, feel free to send me a message on the app, ask in the comments or WhatsApp Lu 07854524674

Session Description

  • Full body warm up

  • Cardio work-out

  • HIIT exercises

  • football drills exercises, passing, dribbling ..

  • Ball Possession

  • Football tennis

  • Warm down / Stretching

The session is for all fitness levels, designed for players to take it at their own pace.

As always, we ask everyone to respect each other and the session leader. Feedback after the session is very much welcome!

Our code

Footy Addicts' Code of Conduct must be respected at all times.


Everyone must play fair, respect their team-mates and opponents.

Online Payment

Pay via Credit/Debit card in order to secure your spot in the game.

You will automatically receive a refund only if you honour the game's refund policy

Promo offer

Session will be only £5 /per person

Facebook Page: Footy Addicts

Instagram: @footyaddicts

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Dark Tees (1/3)