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Battersea Park 6 or 7 a side

When and Where


IMPORTANT: 1. PLEASE TRY TO ARRIVE A FEW MINUTES EARLY IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME GIVEN IT IS NOT 100% STRAIGHTFORWARD IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE (DIRECTIONS BELOW). 2. Please have exact money to pay me before the game 3. Please bring both a dark top and a WHITE top in case we need to swap teams if they end up being unbalanced. PLEASE READ FOR HOW TO JOIN THIS GAME I typically set up the game on Monday night each week (ie 1 week before). The game is always initially private until Thursday lunchtime (ie only those who I have invited can join the game, even if you can see it on Footyaddicts) . This is to allow those who are underwriting the cost of the pitch a chance to sign up. After Thursday lunchtime I will open up the game to anyone on footyaddicts. However, please feel free to either request an invite through footyaddicts - or message me via footyaddicts at any time. To be clear, you can do this any time BEFORE Thursday, Once the Thursday deadline is passed, I will then process the requests in the order that they are received (we usually have at least a few spare places). The earlier you request, the more likely that you will get a spot. We play up to 7 a side, but 6 a side also works. If we do not get to at least 12 players we will usually cancel around 3pm on the day of the game. DIRECTIONS: Copy and paste this link (hopefully it works) to get from Chelsea Bridge to the entrance to the Arena. Or follow instructions below https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/51.4830721,-0.1495096/51.4813606,-0.1526998/@51.4819096,-0.1523679,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!4m1!3e2 Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Rd, London SW11 4NJ. Astroturf. If driving, suggest entering the park from the east side i.e. Queenstown Road. Entrance is just after Chelsea bridge, proceed down Carriage Drive North for 200m or so. Parking is available on the right (next to the river). Once parked, hang a left (FYI usually cannot drive down this road as barricaded) and the Millennium Arena building is 100m on the left Enter the building, go through the turnstiles (tell them you are here for football) and pitch (fenced) is 50m away, next to the running track. Usually netball is being played next to us. We are the only football game on inside the arena. The Millennium Arena building has changing rooms if required. RULES: - We rotate goalkeepers - Backpasses are OK - Corners are played, but no throw-ins - Shooting in the area is OK - No slide tackles or aggressive behaviour tolerated