x This game has been played on Tue, 03 Nov 2020 03:30 PM


When and Where



  • Social distancing in place (where possible)
  • Encourage people to only walk/cycle to sessions
  • Hand gel applied before/after the session
  • Minimal contact

Session Details

  • Meet at 3:20 pm KICK OFF 3:30PM SHARP
  • Falcon Park Community Sports Centre ENTRANCE FROM ESTE ROAD THROUGH TRAIN RAILWAY London SW11 2FT
  • 2 HOURS
  • Comfortable clothing and suitable footwear

Session Description

  • Normal football 11 rules
  • Bibs available if needs but stick to black/white tops
  • Rotate goalkeepers each 5 minutes
  • No slide tackles
  • Corners
  • 4G Artificial grass
  • Fence boards (no side lines)

The game is designed for all fitness levels, players can take the session easier or more difficult as they see fit.

Our code
Footy Addicts' Code of Conduct must be respected at all times.

Everyone must play fair, respect their team-mates and opponents.

Online Payment
Pay via Credit/Debit card in order to secure your spot in the game.
You will automatically receive a refund only if you honour the game's refund policy