x This game has been played on Sat, 17 Apr 2021 11:00 AM

Regents Park (free game)

When and Where



We're back in our normal spot on Gloucester Green (at the top of the park)!

Gloucester Green

Mixed ability, usually at the lower end of the fitness spectrum. The games are played in a spirit of fair play- we don't want any aggressive or petulant behaviour please!

Due to Covid we're currently not providing bibs or goalie gloves. Please bring both a light and dark shirt (and your own goalie gloves if you require)

I'll be using the team list for contact tracing purposes if anything does happen, so if you're not on the list, please don't turn up in the hope of getting a game - I will send people away.

I normally send invites out on Thursdays, so don't panic if you've requested one and I haven't responded before then.