x This game has been played on Tue, 11 May 2021 07:00 PM

Tues 7pm Club Langley (Beckenham)

When and Where



No aggressive behaviour, this is a friendly game
Please be on time
Casual footy for fun
Play fair
Can not enter/score in the area
No sliding tackles
Keepers rotate - everyone spends some time in goal
All levels welcome
Enjoy the game :-)

Nearest station is Eden Park (about a 5 min walk)
All-weather shock pad G3 rubber crumb astro turf pitches
Parking/changing facilities available
Trainers and astro boots are ok (NO metal studs allowed)
Meet on the pitch - there are only two 5-a-side pitches so you can't get lost!
PLEASE NOTE: only sign up if you are certain that you can make it to the game. We only play with 10 players (i.e. no subs) so we need exact numbers and it really affects the game when one person drops out. Please don't let the rest of the players down.
Any drop-outs within 48 hours of the game will not receive refunds unless the spaces are filled or game is cancelled.