*90 mins* Aspire @Southfields (3G)

When and Where


My phone number (for anything): 07768861440
Whatsapp group chat for anyone who wants - chat.whatsapp.com/Eq4zoL7XjBDLZ1vqMXTQKb

Quick Covid note: as you know organised sports is an exception to 'the rule of 6'. However, we have to comply with FA Covid regulations. So, this is a document just summarising the measures we have to take and relevant links. Have a read over it before the game please. Most importantly: Do not play if you have any of the listed symptoms and update your FootyAddicts account with contact details for test and trace. Any Qs give me a shout. docs.google.com/document/d/1lpWzgZPWHS2xvDfC8R0TNhtZoQ5myCn6QyjNW9DpEg4/edit?usp=sharing

- Kick off is 9:30, please arrive before kick off. I have the pitch (and will be there) from 9am so feel free to come and warm up before if you want
- All abilities are welcome. Anyone is welcome to play.
- Footballs are provided, but feel free to bring your own.
- The game is 90 minutes long.
- Arrive anytime from 9:00. I will be there from then warming up and pinging shots at the full sized goal! Feel free to join.
- I will also have bibs for one team so don’t stress about what colour top you are.
- If you cannot make it, take yourself off the list ASAP. Please leave enough notice to have your spot filled.

- The game is at Aspire Southfields.
- It is a 3G surface.
- No metal studs allowed. But FG, plastic or AG studs will be suitable.
- The only parking is on nearby streets.
- The entrance is in the King George’s park.
- Address: Burr Road, London, SW18 4SS
- I will post a message on the game chat as soon as I know which pitch we are on. Don’t worry, they are all on the same bigger pitch (it is split into 3).

- The game will kick off at 9:30 and can include a short break or two if people want to.
- Keep everyone in the game; passing football is encouraged!
- No shouting or aggressive behaviour. Don’t moan at people if they make mistakes. It is a friendly game.
- Keepers will change every ~10 minutes. I will time and call changes.
- Enjoy the game, be positive and competitive!

If you have any questions or if there’s anything that I haven’t mentioned, message me on the app here or my number is 07768861440.