x This game has been played on Wed, 15 Sep 2021 06:50 PM

8 a side game

When and Where


Pitch is Chobham Academy Stratford, THIRD PITCH, 3G artificial grass, One hour game

Nearest stations:
Stratford International (DLR) -7 min walk
Stratford -15 min walk
Or buses 97 and 308 from Stratford city bus station
Entrance from south parking.

Be fair, be honest, tell the truth, respect teammates as well as opponents. Please do not shout, do not constantly judge your teammates, do not selfishly dribble without passing. Let everyone enjoy the game. Please try without bad language (swearing), if do so, please apologise.
No sliding tackle or any form of agressive play. Simply do your best and have fun.

Bibs should be provided, but just in case
please wear dark or white top. If you want, bring football too.
Goalkeepers are changed every 6-7 minutes unless it's agreed for one to stay.
Teams should talk to each other about postions before the game, as well as when changing a goalkeeper. Please stay on your position or ask teammate to swap at some point. Defenders should only go up front if will be back on time to defend.
After goals, play from the goalkeeper.
Throw-ins from the ground.
No metal studs.
If anyone will need, very quick (20sec) water break after 40 minutes.

Reminder to bring water, stretch properly before and after game and not to eat much 2 hours prior to.

New and regular players all welcome.
Refund if cancelled 2 days or more prior to game.
Please text in comments if you will be late and how much so we keep the spot for you. If you can't make it, please leave game on the app so someone else can take the spot.

Good luck, God bless.❤️