x Game has been cancelled

6-a-side Westway Pitch 12, 7PM Tues

When and Where


BRING BOTH LIGHT & DARK TOPS - We are unable to use bibs for now so need to rely on everyone bringing 2 tops
ONLINE PAYMENT ONLY - We are also unable to take cash payments so YOU NOW NEED TO PRE-PAY VIA FOOTY ADDICTS to secure a place
REFUND POLICY Automatic refund if you cancel the day before the game or earlier. Any cancellations on the day of the game will ONLY be refunded if someone else takes your place via Footy Addicts or if the whole game is cancelled. NB This club is non-profit and is run at cost.
NO METAL STUDS OR BLADES - This is now apparently a Westway Sports Centre policy. Astro and trainers only please.


WE PLAY ON PITCH 12 - This is behind the main Westway building and BEYOND THE TENNIS COURTS
PLEASE BE AT THE PITCH AT 6:55PM so we can KO at 7PM. If you are late and there are others offering to take your place you risk forfeiting your spot.
NO SLIDE TACKLING, DANGEROUS CHALLENGES OR THREATENING BEHAVIOUR - Overly aggressive players will be asked to leave and reported to Footy Addicts and Westway Sports Centre.
OUR GAMES ARE COMPETITIVE BUT FRIENDLY & FUN. We welcome both male and female players with an age range of teen to 50-somethings

  • Any questions do ask away via DM to the organiser or post a comment to this game
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