x This game has been played on Thu, 25 Nov 2021 03:00 PM

Pad 5s @Westway Pitch 1

When and Where


*** Kickabout for colleagues ***
Private game but will be open to invites from non-regulars if short of numbers.

Please arrive 10mins before to ensure game kicks off on the dot.
Lost time can never be found again.

Nearest tube is Latimer Road (H&C/Circle Lines).
Bus routes 295 and 316 both stop outside the Sports Centre.

No footballers will have access to the main centre to use the facilities. The Pavillion changing area will be closed with a toilet made available for use, therefore players should turn up ready to play and then shower at home.

Bibs and football provided.

Astro Turf and AG boots only.

No hogging the ball nonsense like you’re Messi. No unnecessary tackling like you’re Ramos