x This game has been played on Fri, 28 Jan 2022 08:45 PM


When and Where


come and play foot ball and make friends
- Please arrive 10 minutes before the game starts
- please bring 1 dark colored t-short and 1 bright colored t-shirt
- if for any reason you are not able to come please remove yourself from the list ASAP in order to free the spot for other people.
- the game will last for 1 hour
- every 7 minutes the goal keeper will be changed
- metal football boots is not allowed
- tackling and sliding is not allowed
- aggressive behavior is not accepted
- please respect the decision makings of the host and respect each other

Venue information:

we are playing on pitch 3
address: Arc Academy, HA9 9PF
free onsite parking is available (it will also be free outside after 7pm)
4G artificial grass
closest station: Wembley Park
Game rules:

no sliding and tackling
can score from any area
goal keepers to change every 7 minutes
no aggressive behavior
be on time
be friendly
respect your team mates and opponents and your host


all contact points will be cleaned before & after each match.

sharing equipment is to be avoided completely where possible hence why each player has their own bib & is responsible to wash it after each match.

use of mobile phones etc. should be limited for reasons of cross-contamination and safe guarding.

no sharing of personal equipment at all.

attendees should bring their own food, snacks & water bottle. We no longer provide water bottles.

eating and drinking should take place outdoors where possible. No sharing of food and water bottles.

attendees take their own bottles and packaging/food carriers away with them at the end of each day.

social distancing 2m to be maintained whilst eating. People eating should be seated.

there will be leaving gaps between households

where 2m distancing is not possible face coverings are to be worn. Indoors face coverings are to be worn at all times!! (Including when going to the toilet, only 1 person at a time can use the toilets)

max attendees are 16 players. Please don’t bring anyone with you who is not playing, they will not be allowed access.

tackling and sliding not allowed. This will be strictly enforced.

contact data will be held for all attendees for a minimum of 21 days for test & trace purposes.
GDPR: this confidential information will only be shared to the department of test and trace in the event this is necessary. Otherwise it will not be shared with any one else without consent of the attendees.


if a participant develops symptoms of Covid-19 while in attendance, they will need to leave the site immediately if well enough to do so.
activity will be stopped immediately and School Plus Staff will be notified immediately.
any individual showing symptoms and unable to leave immediately to be kept in an allocated room awaiting collection. Test and trace will be notified.
the whole bubble/attendees may be required to self-isolate for 14 days.
Please read useful links:

“use of community facilities”