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7pm | Tuesdays @ GOALS

When and Where
Official Community Organiser

This game is organised by Footy Addicts Staff. Footy Addicts is responsible for the pitch hire and game management. Any issues feel free to contact us via direct message on footyaddictsstaff.


Venue: Goals Manchester

  • 3G artificial grass surface, outdoor
  • Changing rooms & Showers available
  • You can wear boots, No metal studs
  • Not allowed in the area (only goalkeepers)
  • We meet 10 minutes before Kick-Off time - please be on time!
  • Pay Online (to guarantee everyone will attend)

Getting there:
CAR 3 Irish Town Way, Manchester, M8 0RY
TRAM Take tram from City Centre (Market Street Tram Stop), towards Bury. Get off at Queens Road (3 Stops). From the station it is 3 minutes walking to Goals venue.

Game Play Rules

  1. Goalkeepers: everyone plays in goal and we rotate every 6/7 mins.
  2. You can't go in the area to play the ball.
  3. Any kind of aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated
  4. Try to include everybody in the game and respect the players you are sharing the pitch with.
  5. Please be on time

Mark No-Shows
IMPORTANT: Only reserve your space if you are 100% coming. If for whatever reason you can no longer make it, open your space ASAP giving someone else enough time to join. If you are on the list and do not come you will be marked a no-show and may not receive a refund.

New players are always welcome, to reserve your space simply click 'join game' on the green button. You can add any friends joining you by clicking 'Manage Guests'

Team Color
We will have bibs so don't worry about the colour of your shirt.

If you have any questions, just comment to let us know.