x This game has been played on Sat, 17 May 2014 01:00 PM

Pick up 7 a side footy

When and Where
Independent Community Organiser

This game is organised by an independent organiser, they hire the pitch directly with the venue and manage the game at the pitch. Any problems, questions please send a direct message to the game organiser via the platform.


  • Meeting Point The Hub
  • 7 a side casual footy
  • 1h30m minimum play time
  • Free for all
  • Please be on time
  • Playing surface is grass
  • Changing rooms & refreshments available
  • If you have a football please bring it along
  • In case you get lost -> Goncalo's number: 077 222 95 848 (I won't pick up whilst we're playing)

NO SHOW RULE: 6 Match Ban After 3 No-Shows

If you're over 20 mins late, your spot might not be guaranteed, even if you are on the list. Come in early/on-time.

  • (on standby) STATISTICS: The first 90 minutes will be counting for stats, there will be a half-time break of 10 minutes for team-talk and hydrate. After the 90 minute game we bring down the tempo and play for fun with whomever wishes to remain.

STATS LINK: http://regentscup.eu.pn/

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