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10 aside football match

When and Where


Venue: Bellingham Leisure Centre
5 Randlesdown Rd, London SE6 3BT

3G pitch
Astroturf/Mould boots only
Changing rooms available
Closest train station: Bellingham (1-minute walk to the pitch)
Buses: 47, 54, 136, 171, 199 and 208
Car park available (90 minutes free - please remember to you get your ticket)
Bibs and balls provided

Game Play Rules, 1-hour game
Goalkeepers - Everybody takes a turn in goal. We rotate the goalkeeper every 5 - 6 minutes
Area - You can score in the area, the goalkeeper is allowed out of the area.
Passback - The goalkeeper cannot pick up a passback. If he does an indirect free-kick from the edge of the area.
Throw in - If the ball hits the fence we play throw-ins.
Any kind of aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated
Make sure you are in the mood to have fun & on time
The ball goes over the fence - The kicker (even if it takes a deflection/save) has to retrieve it immediately.

Please be on time arrive 10 minutes before we kick off so we can give bibs out