9 aside GOOD Standard

When and Where


8 aside football game - Sunday regulars vs footy addicts sign up. Venue: Dartford Princes Park, Darenth Road,DA1 1RT. - AstroTurf: Moulds/boots only. - Changing rooms available. - Closet train station: Dartford train station. 7 min walk to the pitch. - Buses 96 and get off Dartford station and walk. - Free car park available. Game rules - 1 hour game time - Goalkeepers: everyone takes turn 7 min each. - You are allowed to score in the area. - Players to call own fouls and players respects it. - I will not tolerate any negative behaviour towards others but rather positivity as everyone makes mistakes! - Please be on time - arrive 5/10min before we kick off. - Lastly, please enjoy yourself. Any questions, please feel free to ask: 07460460493