x This game has been played on Wed, 28 Sep 2022 09:00 PM

Centenary Sixes

When and Where


šŸŸļø Centenary Park, Culver Grove, HA7 2NW - Astro Turf Pitch 2
šŸš— Free parking on Culver Grove
ā° 75-80 minute game
ā° Please arrive early or on time
āœ… Footballs & Bibs provided
āœ… Pitch confirmed

1. Keep it friendly & fun
2. Rotate Goalkeepers fairly
3. GK not allowed out of area
4. Outfield not allowed in area
5. Boarded pitch, so no throw ins or corners.
6. Call your own fouls (fairly, otherwise majority vote decides)
7. Boots suitable for astro turf pitch please. No blades or metal studs.

Cancellations & No-shows:
If you can't attend, please leave the game to free up the space, so others can play. No refunds if you cancel within 48 hours of kick off.