Wed 7pm | Football in Southfields

When and Where


Southfields 3G

3G pitch in Southfields, near Wandsworth and Wimbledon area close to Southfields and Earlsfield Station, we play on one third of 11 a side pitch.


šŸŒ² 3G artificial grass surface
šŸ‘Ÿ Astros recommended, NO metal studs
šŸ™ Please respect the hosts decision!
ā±ļø 1 hour game - Arrive 10 - 15 mins early to warm up & meet teammates
ā›” No shouting or aggressive behaviour
šŸ„… 7 a side goals
āœ”ļø ALL abilities welcome
šŸ™ If you can't attend please click leave game so others can join

Game Play RulesšŸ“œ

ā˜ļø Goalkeepers - Everybody takes a turn in goal. We rotate goalkeeper every 6 - 7 minutes
ā˜ļø Area - You can score in the area, goalkeeper is allowed out of the area.
ā˜ļø Any kind of aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated
ā˜ļø Make sure you are in a mood to have fun & on time
ā˜ļø Ball goes over the fence - The kicker (even if it takes a deflection/save) has to retrieve immediately.

Online Payment
Pay via Credit/Debit card or PayPal in order to reserve a space in the game.

Refund policy You will automatically receive refund as credit only if you honour the game's refund policy, cancellation of 2 days or more before KO

Mark No-Shows
If you cannot attend the match please remove yourself by clicking leave game as possible so others can play. If you are on the attendance list and you do not turn up, you will be marked as a No-Show.
Late comers will also be marked as No-Show

Team Color

Please bring both a WHITE and DARK top to help split the teams in case we don't have bibs.