x This game has been played on Thu, 19 Jan 2023 08:40 PM

Thu 8:40pm - Bristol Football #2C

When and Where
Official Community Organiser

This game is organised by Footy Addicts Staff. Footy Addicts is responsible for the pitch hire and game management. Any issues feel free to contact us via direct message on footyaddictsstaff.




Footy Addicts is a social platform to connect people to play football. We play friendly, mixed ability games that are open to everyone. Join alone or with your friends.

Venue Details

  • Quality 4G artificial grass surface
  • City Academy Bristol, Russell Town Ave, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9JH
  • Pitch 1B (see pitch guide below)
  • 7-a-side goals, with sidelines
  • Please see permitted and prohibited footwear below
  • Free parking in front of sports hall

Game Play Rules

  • Be on time
  • Game must finish at 9:35pm
  • Keep everybody involved in the game
  • No shouting, no aggressive behaviour
  • No slide tackles
  • Goalkeepers change every 7mins
  • Can score in the area
  • Enjoy the game and be positive
  • Any questions feel free to ask in comments or send a direct message.

_ Footy Addicts' Code of Conduct must be respected at all times. - Everyone must play fair, respect their team-mates and opponents.