x This game has been played on Thu, 16 Feb 2017 07:15 PM

7 aside on 3g turf like grass.

When and Where



Game rules- please read.- 1.no sliding tackle. 2. Not allowed in the keepers box. 3. The game dossnt stop when the balls goes behind the goals and come back. 4. The game only stop if the balls goes over the fense or the keeper catches it. Pitch type 3g turf very nice like grass. please wear astro trainers or plastic rubber stud, bibs are provided, please be on good behavior as its a school area. No smoking on school premises. please just play football and dont insult or swear at anyone. No orgumens or yapping or qurel is allowed during the game. If you have a problem or dont get a decision please only speak to O'Neil directly about it. You must not walk up in players face and try to fight them as this will stop the game. You will get a refund and ask to leave if you orgues on the pitch. we are there for a good game. Gates open 7:15 so please dont jump the gate. attendance is great and the game is great so please sign up asap. for more info please contact oniel on 07946554394, from time to time we will identify man of the match and post it on footy addicts. if you are nominated please give your addicts user name to Oniel thanks. gates open from 7:15 pm. game finished half 8, be there for 7:15 to get a long game, thank you. free parking inside school and side streets around the area and walking distance from streatham Hill station or Tulse Hill station