x This game has been played on Mon, 10 Jun 2024 07:00 PM

Mon 7pm | Loughton | Right Side

When and Where
Official Community Organiser

This game is organised by Footy Addicts Staff. Footy Addicts is responsible for the pitch hire and game management. Any issues feel free to contact us via direct message on footyaddictsstaff.


Roding Valley Pitch

#Pitch Location Click Here

#Venue: Roding Valley High School in Loughton

- Exit Loughton station walk straight
- Take first right, walk straight
- Take first right again entrance opposite Roding Vallley School

- Right hand side pitch from the entrance
- 3G artificial grass surface
- Astros recommended, NO metal studs
- Free parking available (use school car park opposite pitch)

#Game Play Rules
1. Goalkeepers - Everybody takes a turn in goal. We rotate goalkeeper every 6 - 7 minutes
2. Area - You can score in the area, goalkeeper is allowed out of the area.
3. Pass back - Goalkeeper cannot pick up a pass back. If he does indirect free kick from where he handled the ball.
4. Throw in - If the ball goes out we play throw ins, no foul throw but the ball must come from behind the head.
5. Any kind of aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated
6. Make sure you are in a mood to have fun & on time
7. Ball goes over the fence - The kicker (even if it takes a deflection/save) has to retrieve immediately.

Our code
Footy Addicts' Code of Conduct must be respected at all times.

Everyone must play fair, respect their team-mates and opponents

Online Payment
Pay via Credit/Debit card or PayPal account in order to secure your spot in the game.
You will automatically receive a refund if you honour the game's refund policy. Notice of cancellation 2 days or more.

Mark No-Shows
If for any reason you cannot make it to the game please modify your RSVP as soon as possible in order to free your spot as others are waiting to join. If you are in the attendance list and do no turn up for the game, you will be marked as a no show. Repeated no shows will be banned
Latecomers will also be marked as No-Show

Team Color
Please bring both a light and dark top with you to help to split the teams at the pitch.