x This game has been played on Thu, 30 May 2024 06:30 PM

Pitch # 1 @ 6.30pm

When and Where
Independent Community Organiser

This game is organised by an independent organiser, they hire the pitch directly with the venue and manage the game at the pitch. Any problems, questions please send a direct message to the game organiser via the platform.


The Game:
• Pitch # 1 (confirm pitch # on board or at reception)
• 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6.
• ≤ 60 Minutes game.
• 3G Synthetic Astro Turf Football Pitch, in cages.
• Meet 5 minutes before by the entrance to the pitch.

Game Play Rules:
• Similar to 11 a side rules.
• The back-pass rule applies.
• Okay to score in the D area.
• Everybody is playing as Goalie; rotating every 5-10 mins.

-No slide tackles.
-No aggressive behaviour.
-No metal studs or soft ground boots.
-Being late is unfair (rude) on the rest of the players.

If possible:
* Bring both a light\dark top with you to help differentiate the teams.
* Bring a spare ball.
* If you can no longer make it to the game, take yourself off the list ASAP to free the spot.