x Game has been cancelled

SEGA/Talk Talk MNF

When and Where


For anyone who hasn't played before and is requesting invitations, we usually offer out places after Monday lunchtime.

Our regular Monday Night Football game, struggled for numbers recently so putting it on footy addicts should help us get numbers when we are short by offering spaces out to the public.

It's pitch 4 at the Westway and lasts for an hour.

*Overhead is fine
* Pass backs allowed
* Anyone allowed in the area (we rotate keepers) but you can't score in the area
* No slide tackles

* Changing rooms/showers available
* Nearest tube is Latimer Road (on Hammersmith & City / Circle Line)
* Best to wear astroturf trainers / no studs please
* Get there 10 mins before kick off

Light Tees (0/8)
Dark Tees (1/8)