x Game has been cancelled

8 a Side - Fridays @ Ordsall

When and Where


Venue: Ordsall Leisure Centre (Near Salford Quays)

• 3G artificial grass surface, outdoor
• You can wear boots, no metal studs
• We meet 10 minutes before kick-off at the caged pitched next to Ordsall park

Getting there:

CAR: Craven Drive, Ordsall, Salford, M5 3DJ
BUS: (If you get on 53 from Trafford bar, get off one stop after. Stop near Tesco after you get on 53 from Salford shopping centre.)

• Take 36 or 37 from Piccadilly garden and take 53 from Salford shopping centre.
• Take 8 from Shudehill and get on 53 from Salford shopping centre
• Take 263 or 250 from Piccadilly garden and get 53 from Trafford bar
• Take 50 from town and stop at the Salford quays and then you can walk to

• Walk from Tesco and turn right towards the Ordsall park.

Game Play Rules
1. Everyone plays in goal & we rotate every 6-7 minutes
2. You can’t go in the area
4. Make sure you are in the mood to have fun and please arrive on Time

Mark No-Shows
Important: Only reserve your space if you are 100% coming. If for whatever reason you can no longer make it, open your space ASAP giving someone else enough time to join. If you are not on the list and do not come, you will be marked as a no-show.

Bringing guests/friends:
You can add any friends joining you by clicking manage guests.
Team Colour Shirt:

Don’t worry about the colour of your shirt. I have bibs.
If you require any other information, please contact me via WhatsApp 07561139048.

There is also an IOS app and its super easy to use.