x This game has been played on Sun, 14 Jan 2018 07:55 PM

5-a-Side Football

When and Where


A fun, friendly and competitive 5-a-side game, for 1 hour - Pitch 3 at Westway Sports Centre. The pitch is located closeby to Latimer Road. Astroturf trainers only.

Game Rules:
•No shooting in the GK's area.
•Ball is only valid below board/Neck height - above is a Free Kick to opposition. Only valid if it's a save from the GK, then it's play on.
•Minimum of 2 passes before ball goes back to GK - if they give you the ball, you cannot pass straight back. Results in GK to opposition.
•Penalty given for stopping shots inside the area if you're not the GK. Same rule applies if GK goes outside their area.
•Obvious fouls are fouls and a FK to the opposition.