x This game has been played on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 10:30 AM

7aside 90 mins Red v Blue W2 5EJ

When and Where


The Basics
Please bring red and blue shirts and astro turf boots (no studs/blades). We are on Pitch 1 and play 10.30am until midday. Please arrive at 10.20am so we are ready to kick off at 10.30am

No-Shows = Red Card
If you do not turn up for the game, you will be marked as a No-Show and listed below, and will not be able to play with us again

Late Cancellations or Late Arrivals = Yellow Card
If you cancel after Saturday 3pm or arrive late then you are on our late list, repeated offences will mean you will not be able to play again. You may be de-prioritised and miss your next game with us if we are oversubscribed

Securing a Spot
Game is private until around Weds 10pm. If we know you please request an invite. Subscribers who have paid in advance for the whole quarter get priority until then and for waitlist after. If we still have spots available then we open up to public. If you have played less than 5 games elsewhere on footyaddicts we reserve the right to take you off if others want a game - this is because of most of the no-shows (as you can see below) have been from people with little / no record of playing.

If you are on waiting list then you will be notified if a space is available. At that point you will need to RSVP to secure a spot. If you go on waiting list pls post a comment so we know you are interested - the system does not tell me if you have clicked on waiting list

Getting There
Turn right out of Royal Oak tube (H&C line), then left at lights and left again at Shell petrol station. If tubes are not running to Royal Oak, get 18 bus from Baker Street tube and alight at stop after petrol station

Other Stuff
No slide tackles
Everybody plays goalie, we rotate every 6-7 min
Changing rooms and showers available
3G astroturf pitch covered by A40 flyover - we play whatever the weather
Pay cash on the day

Late List
Mauriceuk (1/10/17)
Daniel Jicu (20/8/17)
9woodsy (9/10/16, 8/1/17)
Dami Balogun (4/12/16)

No-show List
Boobby Charlton / Papa' Dom (8/4/18)
Chuks Onwugbonu (18/3/18)
Sab Kas (10/12/17)
Toulay Fouquet (22/10/17)
Manolo Dzeko (22/10/17)
Tibo Martinez (22/10/17)
Aftab Khan (20/8/17)
Sofiane Liazid (9/4/17)
Irfaan Lorgat (11/6/17)

Non-payment List
Adam Shadden (28/1/18)
Dani12 (20/9/16)
Sami Ilinca (20/9/16)
Tsubasa Matsuda (16/7/17)

Current Subscriber List £48 upfront for Mar-Jun 2018
Allan, Aman, Andy, B, Chandan, Ian, Kam, Kash, Sam, Sandeep, Silmy