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Powerleague - Shoreditch

When and Where


60 minute game on 5G artificial turf, please be on time so we can be on the pitch and ready for 4pm.

Teams to field four outfield players plus a goalkeeper which will rotate every 6 or 12 minutes.

  1. Astros, trainers or soft moulded boots are the only footwear permitted.
  2. No sliding tackles.
  3. No play above head height (6ft), or indirect free kick. No headers.
  4. If a player gets the ball from his goalkeeper, he can’t pass it straight back (indirect free kick 2 yards outside box).
  5. If attackers enter the opponent’s area it’s an indirect free kick. If defenders enter their own area it’s a penalty.
  6. If the keeper plays the ball outside the area, it’s a penalty.
  7. The goalkeeper must return the ball using an underarm bowling action (otherwise free kick 2 metres outside area).
  8. Stand 1 metre minimum from a free kick. Free kicks will be placed 2 metres from goal areas.
Light Tees (1/5)
Dark Tees (1/5)