x This game has been played on Tue, 20 Aug 2019 06:00 PM

Mile-End 5-a-Side (**)

When and Where


About Our Game

A regular Tuesday friendly, running since 2011! (**)

  • This game very much welcomes new players
  • The game runs from 6PM-7PM
  • Participants are split into teams of 5 ppl per side
  • We play off the walls to keep the game flowing without stoppages
  • Skills vary and teams try hard to win
  • We have bibs, so dark/light tops not needed
  • Onsite changing is available

Public registration opens generally from the Saturday or Sunday before the game.

Joining the Game

  • The game is opened to all at the weekend for you TO ADD YOURSELF
  • Join Edd's Tuesday Players to be emailed when the game goes public (website only)

(**) - Our regular fixture is in Angel, but for July 30th and August we will be playing 5x games at Mile End whilst repairs take place to the regular pitch.

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