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When and Where


9-a-side football match - Indoors 4G pitch (Dome) with TWO goalkeepers

If your a goalkeeper you can play for FREE dm me for info

Crystal Palace Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London SE19 2BB

  • 3G pitch indoors (dome), big goals and sidelines
  • Astroturf trainers or Mould boots only NO metal studs.
  • Changing room & showers available
  • Closest train station: Crystal Palace (7/8 minutes walk to the pitch)
  • Buses: 3, 122, 157, 202, 227, 249, 322, 358, 363, 410, 417, 432, 450 - (7-9 minutes walk from bus stop to the pitch)
  • Car parking available
  • Bibs and ball provided

Game Rules:
- 1hour match time 100pm - 200pm
- Goalkeepers will be provided (if not, everyone will have to take a turn in goal 6-7 minutes each.
- Normal 11-a-side rules except no offsides and no slide tackling
- You are allowed to score in the area
- kick in throws from sidelines if the ball goes out of play
- negative behavior WILL NOT be tolerated, please leave your egos and bad attitudes at home!
- Please aim to get to the pitch 10 minutes before we kick off in case you need to stretch/warm up, change footwear etc so no match time is wasted.
Late comers will not be guaranteed a space for future games.

Please enjoy yourself!

Game Organiser - Errison 07904 614 304

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