x This game has been played on Sat, 12 Oct 2019 11:00 AM

J4G Regent's Park Football

When and Where


The game is played on grass in the heart of London's Regent's Park.

The game will initially be posted as 7-a-side as this will be the minimum that we will expect for the game to take place. However, we use cones to mark out the pitch and poles as corner sticks therefore we are able to be flexible as to the size of the game so it could be a bigger game if more people wanted to sign up. We also use 12ft x 6ft metal goals (with nets).

We aim for an 11am kick off however expect players to show up at 10.30am to give time for team selection and getting ready etc. If you are late and the game has started without you, you may have to wait until half time to be allowed to play.

Newcomers are welcome and if you have any friends who would like to play, they are free to sign up as well (if space is available).

What to bring?
Appropriate football boots (keep in mind it's a grass pitch) and Shinpads (advised).

For directions on the day, please contact me (T) on 07943 194 147 so that I can share my location with you on WhatsApp.