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Boots v Suits

When and Where


Monday night football at Finsbury Leisure. Players age range is normally approx. 25 - 55 - all are welcome! No overhead height balls played / ball is "dead" if it hits the back of the D. No sliding tackles or any aggressive behaviour - competitive but friendly attitude is welcomed. Goalkeepers: everybody is playing goalie. We rotate in goal every 3 - 5 minutes (expect to go in goal twice during the match). 3G artificial grass all weather surface - you can wear boots, No metal studs. PLEASE BRING £7 CASH AND PAY ME BEFORE THE GAME STARTS. We are on the pitch number 1. There is a changing room with lockers (you need a 50p coin) and showers. Please arrive on-time as we only have 45 mins playing time (we are on the pitch at 7:45pm and finish at 8:30pm). We now have blue and red bibs - if you can wear blue or red then great, if not a bib will be provided for the game (please return after). Enjoy the match!