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Friendly 5 aside White hart lane

When and Where


Hi Guys,

This advert is for a 5 aside game where you will be playing 5 aside with roughly 5 other players that have known each other and been playing 6 aside football regularly for the last 10 years. Our ages are from 22 to 48 so quite a mix! Unfortunately this year we’ve had a large number of injuries occur and were always short of players so decided that we would all join Footy Addicts so that we could find some new players and also make booking games for us a lot easier!

The rules are just to have fun playing footy and don't take it too seriously just like you would when you play with friends.

So that means:

No sliding tackles - we don't want to get injured and we like being able to walk normally the next day
No swearing - (unless it's aimed at yourself for missing a goal opportunity)

What makes this team different:

We are respectful to each other
We do still play competitively and get good games in
We always shake hands after a game
We do social stuff as well
We are grateful for still being able to kick a ball :-)

Our 5 aside rules:
Everyone takes a turn in goal every two goals (some stay longer if they are knackered)
No shooting from inside the area

So if you want to be part of a top bunch of lads, play regular 5 aside footy every Wednesday in Tottenham off White Hart Lane then please book a space!. There is also plenty of parking right next to New River Sports Centre where we play. Also indoor changing rooms with showers etc and free water!

The pitches also have nets and it's also flood lit - that's the tech stuff!

Look forward to hearing from you