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Tabard Gardens Football

When and Where


1 hour of weekly sand covered astroturf football starting promptly at 7pm and finishing at 8pm.

It's friendly but competitive with a mixed standard ranging from chaps in their 20's to mid 50's!

Suggested footwear is astroturf trainers.

The cost is £8 cash per game or alternatively you can pay up front for a set amount of matches which works out a lot cheaper. Please speak to Ben Brocklehurst before the match.


Goalkeepers rotate every 6-7 mins

You can't score inside the box and only the keeper is allowed in the area.

You can't pass back to the keeper once you've received the ball from them.

Overhead height is allowed with throw-in's if the ball goes out of play.

RESPECT your opponent! NO aggressive behaviour will be tolerated

!!!Please vote for your Man of the Match after the game!!!!!!!