Harris Academy, Bermondsey

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  • 55 Southwark Park Rd, London SE16 3TZ, UK

5-a-side football can be played at Harris Academy Bermondsey. It is one of the finest sports facilities in South East London and it is the place to be if you’re looking to play 5-a-side football nearby. One of the best activities that sports fans are able to enjoy here is 5-a-side football on the immaculate 3G astroturf surface. Five-a-side football remains one of the most prevalent sporting activities in London and the staff keep the playing surface in excellent condition all year around, whatever the weather and temperature. It is possible to play throughout the winter months, whether you are part of a team, league or simply playing with friends.Please note that the pitch can only be rented until 8pm on weekdays.

This facility is also brilliantly floodlit. Late night sessions are not a problem at this venue, which means the facility is perfect for those who love to play sport after work.

The venue has changing facilities to use when you book, they are well maintained and suitable for teams or individuals. It's also great for teams as it means you can prepare for games in comfort and in good time.

The closest station when travelling is Bermondsey. The facility is located a short walk from here - for more details on how to access the facility please contact the venue.

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