Brentside High School, Hanwell

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  • Greenford Ave, London W7 3DD, UK

Brentside High School is located in West London and boasts an incredible 8-a-side 3G artificial grass pitch which can be splited in 3 x 5-a-side pitches. Not many 5-a-side pitches in London are as well maintained and cared for as this pitch. So whether you're an experienced 5-a-side player or you're just getting into the small-sided game, this facility is definitely worth playing at. Footballs might be supplied by the facility for a small fee but we advise that you call the facility to check before your arrival.

This facility has floodlights. These powerful spotlights remove the concern about it being too dark and mean that you can play all year round.

Those driving are able to park free of charge at the facility. There are limited spaces available with weekends being particularly popular. The best parking availability is during the day and before 5pm.

There are smart and spacious changing rooms available for customers, with well-maintained facilities. This means customers can come straight from work or head out straight after.

The venue is situated near Castle Bar Park station. From there it is a short walk to the facility which works out well for a gentle warm down after your booking.

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