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Footy Addicts is a social platform that connects football enthusiasts all around Great Britain. People use Footy Addicts to play football, organize games, socialize, keep fit and have fun!

Footy Addicts believe that players should have the freedom to play football, anytime, anyplace.

All levels of players are welcome to Footy Addicts, sign up for free and find the game that suits you. Didn’t find one? Why don’t you start your own game and invite your friends?

Footy Addicts develops around the community needs, so your feedback is vital. Tell us how Footy Addicts can improve

Football games, everywhere, anytime, for everybody …

Footy Addicts for Players

Footy Addicts brings the football community together. Players can search for games by venue or date, interact with the rest of the group, give feedback & share real time information

Footy Addicts for Hosts

Footy Addicts makes games organization easy. Easy to set up date, time, venue, number of players. Real time attendance list, so you know who is coming and who is not. Comment before and after the game, asking questions or giving answers. Why don’t you give it a go?

Footy Addicts & Partnerships

We will always look for people who are passionate about football, love the game & share their passion with the community. If you believe that you want to be more active in our community feel free to Contact us

We do appreciate your free time, so it’s up to you how much of it you want to spend.

Just drop as line and we can figure out what suits you best together.