Who we are

Football is more than a game

It's a community, an outlet, and a way of life. Giving footy addicts a kick about is only the beginning.

Our mission is to make the nation’s favourite pastime: easy and inclusive. Join our community of players from all walks of life, enjoy a kickabout and make a few mates while you’re at it.

Our values are simple, to create a respectful atmosphere that makes football fun before anything else.

Our app is available to football lovers no matter what your race, gender or level is.

What do the stats say?

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Games every month
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Our origins

Ever tried organising a quick 5-a-side game with your mates?

You’ll soon realise from missed calls, the insane excuses and even ghosting that it’s no easy feat. Unless you come from a long line of event planners, or able to organise with military precision, it’s almost impossible.

Footy Addicts came from a demand of guys wanting frequent games that don’t get cancelled. The website was born in 2013, followed by an app in 2015, with our community growing from 5 to 210k.

We are now active in over 140 locations across England.

Footy Addicts timeline

May 2010

The first unofficial Footy Addicts game.

April 2013

Konstantinos Gkortsilas founded Footy Addicts. The company started trading.

September 2014

Danny Taeidy and Jonathan Suarez joined the company.

Footy Addicts captains

Konstantinos Gkortsilas

Footy Addicts Managing Director

Danny Taeidy

Footy Addicts Co-Founder

Jonathan Suarez


Football Made Simple

Football is a simple game. It’s a bunch of people chasing after a ball for 90 minutes.

Unfortunately, organising a game isn’t so simple… It’s bloody difficult.

That’s why we’ve made the nation’s favourite pastime easy and inclusive.

Our goal is making quality football matches happen across the UK… and in time, the world.

Yes, we’ve got big ambitions.

Strength in numbers

Every year, our community grows bigger and better. It’s a pleasure seeing players, from all walks of life, out there enjoying themselves in a local footy game through our app.

registered players
local communities
online community

A community, united.

Us guys behind the app are Footy Addicts ourselves. We strive for the perfect footballing experience for users. Whether you’re a seasoned player, a game host, or behind the scenes organising games, you’re part of the team.

Thanks for helping us become a football community that brings so much happiness to so many.

London FA is delighted to be working with Footy Addicts to grow and develop the football offer across London. Footy Addicts are in a fantastic position to deliver a safe, high quality experience.

Neil Twitchett
Head of Delivery, London FA